Save water and energy and be kind to your plants this summer. A new supply of rain barrels has arrived!  You can choose from grey or terracotta coloured barrels.  Regular size barrels are $55 plus tax (total $62.15).  Sorry, we only accept cash.  These are the same units sold through “truckload” fundraiser sales. 

  • Recycled food grade barrels hold 200-220 litres
  •  Includes four foot overflow hose to divert overflow away from house
  • Other fittings include: a filter basket, overflow and interconnectivity outlet, nipple and spigot.
  •  The fittings are can be easily attached yourself.
  • Connect the barrels together to maximize capacity
  • Replacement parts available via

Most people have no trouble transporting the barrels in the passenger seat of their car.   Barrels are at the rear of the store beyond the coverall – ask one of the staff out back for assistance. 

Read more about the  benefits of rain barrels.