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December 10, 2017.  There are just six REAL Deal shopping days left before Christmas.  Here are just a few ways we might be able to help you reduce waste and otherwise enjoy the season:

  • No need to use disposables if you are feeding a crowd –  we have lots of plates, mugs, glassware and cutlery.  Forks and spoons are scooped up quickly, but we do have quite a few right now.   

  • If you need more serving ware (especially bowls), pots, candles, punch bowls for the big gathering – we’ve got ‘em.  We have more punch bowls upstairs if you don’t see the style you like.

  • Delivering Christmas treats to a friend or neighbour?  Take a pretty “real” plate  for the presentation, and the recipient can keep the plate. Most  plates are just 25 cents,

  • If you’ve been inspired by the many Mason jar crafts out there, we have lots of the older style jars. They are usually one dollar for the larger jars unless they are a rarer, collectible jar.

  • If you are looking for small, inexpensive gifts for filling stuffing a stocking  take a cruise around the store.  Small figurines, kitchen gadgets, and small packages of hardware are all possibilities.

  • If you’re stuck for a gift idea, put together a gift basket.  We have lots of small baskets for you to start with.   Pick a theme and fill it up.   You could also pair a bottle of wine with a couple of wine glasses, some hot chocolate mix with a mug or two,  movies with microwave popcorn packet etc.

  • The REAL Deal sells gift certificates anytime of year.  We have $5 and $10 certificates ready, but call ahead (283-7999) if you need another amount. 

  • Looking to occupy the kids for a little while?  We also have lots of inexpensive Christmas cookie cutters if you’re up for baking, lots of inexpensive VHS children’s and Christmas movies, and the kids’ books are always free at the store.

  • Remember that we accept used electronics at the store for responsible recycling in Ontario.   Something to keep in mind if your household is getting upgraded versions of cell phones, computers or stereo equipment.

The REAL Deal is still accepting donations of Christmas items, and will do so all year.  But if you are contributing an artificial tree or anything else large, please get it to us as soon as possible so we have a chance to sell it to someone else before Christmas.  Saturday, December 23rd will be the last store day before our Christmas break, and we will not reopen until the New Year, Thursday, January 4th.  We really love your donations, but please do us a favour, and  hold any donations until we reopen.