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Several individuals and businesses were recognized for making an environmental difference at a canal-side ceremony on Saturday, June 8. 

Michele and John Dunfield were recognized for living a near-zero-waste lifestyle.  This Kemptville family of three produces just a small Mason jar’s worth of waste every two weeks.  Michele gave an inspired talk at the North Grenvville Sustainability Fair in April, and the couple have offered their advice to other groups, such as Transition Brockville.   See Inside Ottawa Valley story.  

Heather Mitchell-Adams, the new own of the bulk food store Modern Thymes, was commending for reducing waste in the store.  Patrons are encouraged to bring their own container their purchases, and there is jar bank there if people arrive without one. She has also participated in a seed exchange and commuter challenge in recent months.

Sharon and David Brown, former owners of Modern Thymes on Russell Street, were recognized for their support in promoting REAL events over the years, advocacy for local food and other green endeavours, such as the skate exchange.

Sandra Jones was responsible for introducing local children to nature photography.  She offered a March Break workshop for grade 3 to 6 students in preparation for this year’s Paddlelfest photo contest, and later offered some four  sessions at Duncan J. Schoular.

The certificates were presented by Peter Au, the founding president of REAL, and REAL Board member Katie Hoffman.  Congratulations to the recipients!

The annual Evergreen dedication ceremony takes places primarily to dedicate the new granite stones that were placed that year.  The inscribed stones along the Victoria park pathway are placed in memory of veterans and community builders by their families or other organizations.  Seven new stones were placed this year.  See our Evergreen page for more.