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Before the end of the year REAL expects to have a Registered Energy Advisor ready to do home energy assessments in Lanark, Leeds and Grenville. 

Through the federal Greener Homes program launched May 27, homeowners can receive incentive grants of up to $5,000 to make specific energy efficiency retrofits to their homes.  To qualify, a home energy evaluation must be completed before and after the renovation, which is where REAL comes in.   John Appleby, who has retired from a career in energy use modelling with the Office of Energy Efficiency, Natural  Resources Canada, has agreed to join REAL to provide that service. 

John is currently in the Energy Advisor certification process.  REAL would like to find some environmentally conscious local homeowners who would consider having a home energy assessment as part of that.  These files would then be subject to an  in-depth Green Communities quality assessment review. This will also be an opportunity for John to calibrate his blower door equipment and test software. 

The program will reimburse  successful applicants $600 for their energy assessments, in addition to whatever other rebates they qualify for from the program.   If you are interested in discussing the possibility with John, please contact him directly at (613) 269-3736 or  [email protected].

In the meantime, homeowners should go ahead and register online for the program. Note that you will need to provide your property tax bill number and proof of residence.  There is also phone option for people who are not computer users.

(The full version of this story is in our October 2021 newsletter.)