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Katie Hoffman was elected the new President of the Rideau Environmental Action League (REAL) at REAL’s July board meeting.  Katie joined the REAL board in June 2018,  and has eagerly taken on many REAL tasks, including  the plastic straw project, overseeing the garden plot and radon meter rentals, soliciting sponsors for our local foods dinner and others.  Katie is a gem of a volunteer who was awarded the Charles Gilhuly award from the Town of Smiths Falls in May 2018 for her tireless community contributions.  Barb Hicks, Past President, has become  Vice President.  Karen Schecter will continue as Treasurer, and Donna McKenna will serve as Secretary. 

Founding Member Peter Au will continue to serve the board as he has for the past 30 years! We are delighted to have the support of several new board members, including  Tony Cote, who joined the board in February, Mercedes Steedman, who joined in May, Jane Anderson who came on board in June, and our newest board member, Gloria Pavey, who was voted in at our July meeting.

Also participating in our board deliberations is Nikki Dwyer, liaison from the Smiths Falls Town Council.

The REAL Board will begin a new routine of meeting the third Monday of the month beginning with their August 19 meeting.