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Just a reminder that masks are still required at the REAL Deal, both inside the store and in the dome, by customers, staff and volunteers.  We have recently had some people challenging this rule. While we love to have you at the store, if you can’t or won’t wear a mask, please do not come.  We know the REAL Deal is quite the compulsion for some of us, but it isn’t exactly essential!  And if you arrive without a mask by accident, please just ask the cashier, as we still have some reusable masks we can supply at no charge.

Hand sanitizer is available at the store entrance and the parking lot entrance to the dome.  Staff are also cleaning frequently used surfaces and shopping baskets regularly.  There are no store capacity limits currently in place.

Just to reassure you, all of our staff and volunteers have been double vaccinated.  We also do a symptom and temperature check on everyone coming to work, volunteer, or attend meetings at the store.