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Some new developments for the existing home energy renovation incentive programs will be taking effect January 1.

John Appleby, our certified Registered Home Energy Advisor (REA) has been performing home energy audits within the K7A postal code region for almost a year now.  He will now accept bookings from a wider area, postal code regions K7C and K7H, as well as the rural areas KOG.  These translate roughly to Carleton Place and Perth.   Note that, depending on location, a mileage charge will be necessary, which will be established at the time of booking. 

Behind the scenes, the existing Greener Homes  Program and the Enbridge HER program have been rolled into one program called HER+.  The program is available to all Ontario homeowners, regardless of fuel type and whether or not they are a Enbridge Gas customer.  Non-Enbridge customers are eligible for up to $5,000 for retrofits, and Enbridge customers are eligible for up to $10,000.  Residents starting with the program will register using the Enbridge portal ( the Greener Homes portal is no longer necessary.) Those interested in the home energy efficiency rebates should start by contacting the organization or  auditor they you would like to use, who will guide them through the process.

As always, note that the home energy audit is required before any retrofits are done, and that a followup assessment is required after the renovations are done to qualify for any rebates.  So please look into this program sooner rather than later! 

John Appleby can be contacted using the address [email protected].  For more about the reasons for the program changes, see this news release.  Further details will be available on our website once they are established.