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REAL will be selling rain barrels once again this spring and will be adding mushroom compost to the mix!

Sale day will be Saturday May 9, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  at the REAL Deal Store.   Rain barrels must be preordered online.  We recommend you pay in advance online also.  We are partnering with Trinity United Church to also offer mushroom compost that day.  Bags will sell for $10, and can be purchased on the spot, with no preordering necessary.  Proceeds for the compost will be split between REAL and TUC, and the rain barrel proceeds will benefit REAL’s monarch garden which is being extended this year.

Mushroom compost is the material that remains once a crop of mushrooms has been harvested.  It makes a great soil amendment for your garden, adding nutrients and increasing the soil’s moisture holding capacity.  It can be mixed with garden soil or used as a mulch around perennials, trees and shrubs.  Please bring cash to pay for your compost!

The rain barrels come from rainbarrel.ca, a Hamilton company that specializes in running fundraisers for various organizations.  They use recycled, food grade barrels, so you know they are safe for your plants.  Rain barrels are used to collect water from a downspout, conserving water for dry periods.  Plants thrive on the air temperature, chlorine free water.   A variety of colours and styles are available.    Each barrel comes with a filter basket, overflow and interconnectivity outlet, overflow hose, nipple and spigot, which you can easily attach yourself.  Be prepared to sit your barrel on some bricks, blocks or a platform so you can get a bucket under the tap.  The terracotta or grey 220L  barrels are $55.  You can place your order at https://rainbarrel.ca/realdeal/ and prepay by PayPal or interac e-transfer.  If you choose to pay the day of the sale, please bring cash.

Make plans to take advantage of this opportunity to get your garden off to a good start this year, and benefit two great causes, Trinity United Church and REAL.