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Waste Reduction Week in Canada is a year-round campaign to raise awareness about reducing waste while encouraging new innovative ideas and solutions. The third week of every October Canadians celebrate our waste collective reduction efforts.  This year, each day a different theme will be explored as organizers discuss, promote achievements, and celebrate advancements in each area.

Monday, October 19 – The Circular Economy and Kickoff.  In a circular economy products are designed so resources can be reused and reinvested in new products again and again.  Material reuse is part of the design and manufacturing process of the product from the beginning, as opposed to looking for a recycling solution after a product is designed and brought to market.

Tuesday, October 20 – Textiles Tuesday.  Globally, textiles waste has increased dramatically due to the rise in clothing consumption and production. Fifteen per cent of all unwanted garments are collected while the vast majority, 85 per cent, ends up in landfills.  You can help by donating your used clothing and other textiles when you are done with them.

Wednesday, October 21 – E-Waste Wednesday.  The parts that make up your electronics, such as steel, glass, copper, aluminum, plastics and precious metals, can be recovered and made into new products.  You can bring your e-waste to the REAL Deal store during store hours Wednesday to Saturday, to ensure it is recycled responsibly. 

Thursday, October 22 – Plastics Thursday.   Only nine per cent of the 3.2 million tonnes of plastic waste Canadians produce each year is recycled.  This day will highlight issues such as how we cause use less plastic, make sure less enters the environment, improve recyclability, design products for longer life though reuse, and reduce the need for fossil fuels in plastic. 

Friday, October 23 – Food Waste Friday.  Individuals and households across Canada waste 2.2 million tonnes of food annually.  You can help reduce food waste by planning meals,  storing fruits and vegetables properly, getting creative with leftovers and thinking about expiry dates.  And compost what you can!

Saturday, October 24 – Sharing Economy Saturday.  In the sharing economy Canadians can reduce consumption in waste by using  ride sharing apps, libraries, rental services, online music/ video streaming services and other innovative services.

Sunday, October 25 – Swap and Repair Sunday.  Swapping and repairing items can extend the life of everyday products, and reduce the waste of damaged or unwanted products.  When you donate household items to the REAL Deal Store, they get used by someone else in our community.