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Spring and summer are in the air and that gets us all thinking about sunshine, and light breezes–  which are of course nature’s free energy that we all have access to and enjoy.

This spring REAL is celebrating this by giving away a limited number of clothes drying racks to help those who struggle with the cost of running expensive dryers.   We are partnering with the Salvation Army in Smiths Falls and with Lanark County Social Services to identify families who  require assistance in keeping up with high energy bills.  These agencies will be given a limited number of vouchers that they will hand out to families and individuals who have identified that they are interested in receiving and utilizing a clothes drying rack. 

The wooden racks come in two sizes, small for individuals or couples and large for families.  They can be used indoors all year round and can be also used outdoors in the nice weather in spring, summer and fall.

REAL wants to promote air drying for many reasons including lowering energy costs, extending the life of your clothing, reducing our carbon footprint, and using our natural free energy.   We hope we make a REAL difference to those who participate.