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Pic-Deb Thompson“Its the people. I enjoy the people I work with and the people I serve in the Real Deal Store.” So says Deb Thompson who has been volunteering at REAL’s REAL DEAL Store for 8 months. “I enjoy coming here and talking with and meeting new people”, says Thompson. “Before I came here I couldn’t work a cash register. Now I open and close cash, do reconciliation and prepare reports. I love it.”

Pic-Don Harvey

“I had a work place disability before I came to the REAL DEAL Store. I was limited in what I could do, physically and where I could work.” This from Don Harvey of Smiths Falls. “I started volunteering here in Nov of 2009. I enjoy the BBQ lunches they have for volunteers every now and then. And I get to do my bit to help the environment.”

Pic-Barb Hicks

Barb Hicks says “I got involved with REAL because I’m concerned about the environment. I believe we can all contribute and do a bit more to make our community better.” Says Barb Hicks, President of REAL since 2007 and member since 1989. “I enjoy the variety of work and have met lots of people in and around Smiths Falls. I enjoy educating people about how they can make a difference in their community and the local environment” “And I love volunteering. If I didn’t do it here, I would do it elsewhere. The rewards are endless.”

Pic-Brenda King

Brenda King has been involved with REAL since 1989. Currently she volunteers at the REAL DEAL Store at least once a week. “I’m big on not wasting stuff. I love it when you can take a thing and turn it into another, usable thing. I love to work with people who can “see” that!!” What rewards does Brenda get by helping at the REAL DEAL Store? “I like to help people out, especially those just getting started. And, because these are my friends here. They let me come and play.”