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REAL collects a number of other waste products for appropriate recycling, in addition to the materials resold in the store.

  • Electronics.  REAL is an Electronic Products Recycling Association e-waste depot, and accepts a variety of end-of-life electronics such as televisions, computers and stereo components.  Please ask for assistance if the item is heavy. We will put it the big, covered black metal bin you see near the entrance.  If we are busy, leave your e-waste by the wall, but please do not block the bin doors from opening.
  • Inkjet, laser and toner print cartridges.  These are collected by the same company that takes our electronic waste. Use the collection box near customer entrance.
  • Single use batteries (no large e.g. car batteries).  A collection bucket is near the customer entrance.
  • Plastic outer milk bags.  Collection box near the entrance.  These are crocheted into sleeping mats.
  • Old-style mercury thermostats .  Please give these to the cashier. 
  • Scrap metal.  We get a little bit of cash for scrap metal.  Please give to a staff member.  We do not permit customers to look for materials in our scrap metal bin.
  • Electrical cord and wire (e.g. Christmas light strings).  Please give to a staff member.
  • Use writing instruments.  Pens, markers and highlighters are collected for recycling and directed to Staples.
  • Pill bottles.  Labels removed.  These are directed to Earthhub, who ships them to an organization that uses them to distribute medications in developing countries.
  • Empty glue stick containers and crayons.  Currently these are used to make push crayons to include in Operation Christmas child boxes.

These materials should be brought to us ONLY during store hours.  Please do not leave them outside.