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April 8, 2021:  No home energy assessments associated with the Enbridge program will be completed for the duration of the Ontario stay at home order.  If you had an assessment booked for this time period, Alan Leonard will be in touch with you.

March 13, 2021:  We anxiously await further details on NRCan’s new Greener Homes program.  Through this new federal program, up to 700,000 grants of up to $5,000 will be awarded help homeowners make energy efficiency retrofits to their homes.  We do expect that it will be for those who heat by various methods, and will include a range of energy efficiency upgrades, including improving the building envelope through insulation measures, heat pumps for heating and cooling, and renewable energy.   Pre and post energy retrofit evaluations, such as those REAL offers, will be a requirement of grant eligibility.  Grant eligibility will be retroactive to December 1, 2020. 

More details are coming.  You may also wish to consult Green Communities Canada website for additional updates.  

Home Energy Assessments

Rising home energy Costs? Cold and drafty house?

Get Solutions from REAL’s Independent Home Energy Efficiency Expert

  • Find out where your home is actually losing energy
  • Learn what can you do to most effectively reduce your energy costs
  • Solve problems with comfort, indoor air quality and house efficiency and durability issues


Why is it better to hire an independent expert to advise you rather than someone who wishes to sell you something?

We have no conflict of interest and would like the opportunity to help you make your home as healthy, comfortable and inexpensive to live in as possible.  We provide unbiased solutions that are founded on building science and testing and an expert assessment of what is really needed to make you home more efficient. We diagnose problems based on the actual conditions in your home and our extensive experience solving all sorts of issues in houses dating from the 1800’s to the present.

Our mandate is to promote REAL environmental change in our community and making your house more energy efficient benefits us all.

You will receive a comprehensive 20+ page printed Energuide for Houses report that includes:  a Renovation Upgrade Report, a Homeowner Information report,   an EnerGuide efficiency rating label, and an air leakage checklist (not included here).

See a sample report.




Click here If you are would like information on the Enbridge Home Energy Rebate Program, which offers up to $5,000 incentives to Enbridge natural gas customers who perform home energy upgrades. Go directly to Enbridge Home Energy Conservation Program information sheet. 

The assessments described below are standalone, and can be also be used if you do not qualify for incentive grants but want to know how to make your house more efficient and deal with comfort or other issues with your home.  .

About our Registered Energy Advisor (REA).

Alan Leonard has over 30 years experience in construction and renovation, and 13 years experience in home energy auditing. He is knowledgeable, thorough and conscientious and wants the best for you and our natural environment. Alan’s education was in environmental science and he has extensive training in building science and construction.  He  is always striving to expand his knowledge further with additional courses and research. He is an HRAI certified RASDT, Residential Air Design Technician, an ASNT Level 1 Infrared Thermographer and a Natural Resources Canada Registered Energy Advisor.

To arrange an appointment, call Alan Leonard at  (613) 864-3099 or email alanleonard9@gmail.com

Below are the services we offer. We are happy to discuss your home and how we can best help you in your specific situation. We will not sell you a service you don’t need and will always give you the best value for your money.

REAL Offers the following services:

All fees tax-free! Very large or complicated houses may require an additional fee.

 Full Home Energy Audit – 2-3+ hours onsite $400, large or complicated houses may have an additional fee.

  • Collect detailed information of house characteristics that affect energy use from basement to attic
  • Assess levels of insulation
  • Advise on lowering electricity use
  • Determine efficiency of heating and A/C equipment
  • Assess low or high humidity, condensation and ventilation issues
  • Advise on ventilation and heat distribution
  • Conduct Blower Door Test with air leakage investigation of house and advise on effective draftproofing and methods and materials
  • Discuss my preliminary findings and recommendations onsite
  • You also get a comprehensive written report, prepared and mailed or emailed within the week, including:
    • Analysis of heat loss/gain, computer simulation model of building energy use
    • Specific recommendations in order of priority for your house for efficiency improvements
    • Expert and independent advice on how to increase the efficiency, comfort and durability of your home
    • Recommendations that will get you the best return on your investment
    • Information about grants, rebates, incentives
    • EnerGuide for Houses efficiency rating label
  • 1 year follow-up phone or email consultation with auditor

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Post Renovation Audit – 1+ hours onsite $200

After completion of upgrades and renovations to your home we can return to assess the changes made and update the energy efficiency rating of the house. We will do another blower door/air leakage test, record all changes and update the performance model of the house. A new EnerGuide energy efficiency rating label will be issued which can be valuable if you wish to sell the house and prove the change in its efficiency. EnerGuide is a program run by Natural Resources Canada that provides independent, unbiased and official energy efficiency ratings that are recognized across Canada.

Many incentive grant programs including the Enbridge Home Energy Conservation Program require that you have an initial and post renovation audit to qualify for grants.

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