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Wind up of the Used Tires Program

Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) operated the Used Tires Program that kept light truck, medium truck, and off-the-road tires out of landfills so that they could be reused and recycled. The program ended on December 31, 2018 and on January 1, 2019, used tires moved to the new individual producer responsibility framework.

Check here to find a collection site  https://rpra.ca/programs/tires/collectionsites/.



Ontario residents can  drop of their old tires free of charge at registered collection sites.


The Ontario Tire Stewardship Program came into effect September 1, 2009. Through the Used Tire Program, registered Collectors will accept your old tires and no longer charge you a disposal fee. Consumers can return up to four passenger car tires at a time to a collection location at no cost and with no obligation to make a purchase. The tires will be reused or recycled.

Collection Depots. The list of registered collectors is long! To search for establishments that with accept your used tires,  click here.

Tire Recycling in Ontario. Currently about 50% of the scrap tires produced in Ontario are recycled, and the other 50% are being shipped out of province, where they could be landfilled or burned. This program will ensure the tires are recycled here in Ontario, benefiting the environment and supporting the recycling industry.

Recycled into what? Most of the tires are ground into crumb rubber, which is used in athletic tracks, playgrounds, patios, walkways and synthetic turf fields. Some is cut into pieces of Tire Derived Aggregate (TDA) which is used as fill for roads and embankments and septic system drain fields. And other parts of tires may be used in Fabricated Products, such as the base for traffic cones or blasting mats.