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This years Pitch In Campaign will not be going ahead.  Thanks everyone for your interest.

Pitch-In Smiths Falls is an annual community litter cleanup that happens as part of Pitch In Canada, a nation-wide cleanup event. 

This year’s Smiths Falls campaign will run from :

Sat. April 25 to Sat. May 9

Yellow Pitch-In bags are available by mid-April, so watch here for the specific date.  This year we are partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) who will be helping us to get the Pitch-In supplies ready for pick up and promoting the event.  Canopy Growth will be allocating a day to join with other Canopy groups across Canada to “Pitch In” in their communities.  We have had many community groups, schools and individuals participate in Pitch-In throughout the years and we hope they will join in again this year.

Clean up litter anytime within the two week period that works for you!

Prizes for Schools:

This year we will be offering two prizes to local schools in their Pitch-In efforts. 

  • a gift card for books will be awarded the school with the most bags collected.  Use this Pitch In Completion  form.
  • a tree for the best piece of junk art created from the litter items you have collected.  Bring your litter art creations to REAL Deal by May 23rd

Winners will be announced on this website May 30th.

How to Participate

  • Groups and schools that have participated before will be getting a call from Katie Hoffman who will be confirming your participation and coordinating cleanup locations.
  • If you are new to Pitch-In  or do not get a call (usually because we do not have your updated contact information) please contact Katie at (613) 983-3360 or call us at The REAL Deal Store, (613) 283-7999 and leave a message.
  • If you need help finding a location to clean up, please talk to Katie.

  • If you are from outside our town limits, check with your municipality to see if they are participating in Pitch-In this year.
  • Individuals often choose to clean up around their neighbourhood. 
  • Your full Pitch-In bags may be dropped off at the REAL Deal Store Wednesday  Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  We want to build a mountain of bags to show off your efforts. 
  • If you cannot get your bags to REAL you may leave them where you cleaned up and call REAL or Katie to let us know so we can let the town know to pick them up. 


Need some suggestions?  Here is a list of potential Smiths Falls sites..

See some instructions and safety tips.  A copy of this will be in your supply bucket.

Use this Pitch In Completion Form  to tell us how you did!




4 guys at Lower Reach boy and tire Bonita and bags
SFDCI 2009 having fun pi jasper road

Some 2013 photos are on REAL’s Facebook page.


Pitch-in Smiths Falls is a community wide litter cleanup coordinated by REAL. Public and highly visible sites, such as parks, and road allowances, are identified by REAL and groups or individuals assigned to clean that site. Garbage bags, other supplies and safety instructions are provided. REAL records the number of participants and the number of bags of recyclable and other garbage collected for comparison from year to year.

REAL is working with the Town of Smiths Falls and others to find other measures that will reduce our litter problem.

2019 will be the nineteenth year for this community wide effort, although REAL has participated in spring cleanups and encouraged other residents to do so since 1989 through Pitch-in Canada, a national organization founded in British Columbia.

See Pitch-In Canada site.