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These native trees and shrubs are hardier than their ornamental relatives. They are better adapted to our climate and more resistant to pest and diseases, so they do not require extensive maintenance to thrive.

hackberry_180Hackberry – Celtis OccidentalisDrought and compaction tolerant. Attracts birds and butterflies. serviceberry_180Serviceberry – Amelechier CanadensisLots of white flowers in early spring. Good fall colour. Persistent berries for winter birds. cranberry_180Highbush Cranberry – Vuibrurun TrilobumThis hardy shrub has showy white flowers and red/orange berries. It attracts birds and butterflies redmaple_180

Red Maple – Acer Rubrum

Beautiful fall colours. Compaction tolerant. Attracts birds.

sugarmapleSugar Maple – Acer SaccharumMaples are grown primarily for their colour, but their seed pods feed birds and small mammals such as mice and squirrels. oak_180Oak – Quercus AlbaPerhaps the best native tree because their acorns are food for birds and squirrels. redash_180Red Ash – Fraxinus PennsylvanicaCanada’s most widely distributed ash. Tree has abundant seeds and attracts birds. whitespruce_180White Spruce – Picca GlaucaDrought and salt tolerant. Attracts birds and showy insects.
whitepine_180White Pine – Pinus StrobusThis tree has lots of edible seeds and their dense needles provide homes for birds. raspberry_180Flowering Raspberry – Rubus OderatusThis plant has fragrant purple flowers 2″ in diameter in July followed by fruit. It provides food for butterflies, birds and bees nannyberry_180Nannyberry – Viburnum Lentago

This plant has white flowers in June, berries and excellent fall colour.

dogwood_180Red Osier Dogwood РCornus StoloniferaGrown for its red twigs for winter contrast. It provides erosion control and berries for  birds.