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print cartRecycling

REAL provides a box at the customer entrance of the REAL Deal Store for the collection of used  inkjet printer cartridges and toner cartridges. Using this service ensures these items are recycled responsibly.

Materials collected are directed to United Way of Lanark County, who use them to raise funds for their organization.

We encourage you to support the United Way or other local charitable organizations collecting these materials to raise funds.

HP, Canon and other companies provide a cartridge  service whereby your used cartridges  can be mailed or picked up by a courier free of charge and returned to the company.  Generally this means the plastic is recycled into plastic for new cartridges.

Reusing Print Cartridges

Please note that many ink jet, laser and toner cartridges can be refilled, which will conserve resources, redirect waste from landfill, and save you money. Before you buy a new printer, find out if the ink cartridge can be refilled.   Check with your local computer store.

One local business that refills printer cartridges is:

Tim Rombough, 2870 Rideau Ferry Road, just outside of Perth. The company also does pickups in Smiths Falls alternate weeks.  Call (613) 267-4553, Fax ( 613) 267-4553.