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Repurposing Gallery

some ideas from other REAL Deal customers on reusing, reinventing and repurposing old stuff!

refinished RD pine table christmas arch grant gilliland
Table purchased at REAL Deal and refinished.  Chantal Marcellus. Wedding arch and old artificial Christmas tree branches.  Milton Boyle. Skis from the REAL Deal.  Making a bench next.  Grant Gilliland.
nadia rogers lamp entry 1 lampt entry 2
In March 2016 we had a lamp upcycling contest at the store.  Here are some entries. This one is by Nadia Rogers. We supplied the boring lamps and customers gave them an overhaul. This was the winning entry by Zoe Ashy.  (Contest participants kept the lamps!)
recycled glass blocks vintage mirror and cut dresser bi fold door art display case
This row from Janice Ling who has been fixing up her kids’ bedrooms.  Here she has used recycled glass blocks to add some light in a dim room. Old bifold door repurposed into art display case with lights. Vintage mirror. Laptop / makeup table from dresser cut in half.  Most materials from REAL Deal.
 12507552_578576958966998_8723970516853429314_n  bird feeder from chandelier  10550045_589458574545503_566854343680341196_o
Dragonflies made with ceiling ban blades and stair railings by Diane Dillabough.  A very elegant bird feeder.  A bird house that included REAL Deal odds and ends.
2015-10-01 16.31.13 combo IMG_20160224_104039
Tim, a REAL Deal volunteer, refinished this dress and incorporated a sink. Deb Fortin takes old jewellery and fashions it into new pieces. Bird house made with hardware from our store.
Items in the row are mosaics by Carol Richardson.  This is an upcycled lightswitch  Martini tray uses tray, a cut teacup and mosaic pieces. Mosaic used to upcycle a rubber boot into a planter.
Workshop Nov. 26, 2010
Winnie the Pooh Lamp before
Winnie the Pooh lamp
Participants at the Nov. 26 2010 Repurposing Workshop at the REAL Deal. Nancy getting ready to transform an old lamp into something special. One of a kind Winnie the Pooh lamp for a grandchild.
rocker chair creation bookshelf
“The rocker I purchased from REAL for $15.00 and gave it a new coat of paint which we had in the basement and now have a beautiful rocker in the living room. Again a great savings as a new rocker for the living room would have cost quite a bit more.”
Use your imagination to create whimsical garden or patio decorations with whatever catches your eye. “The book case is made from a set of folding doors which I took the hinges off and then used some pieces of pine which we had to make a top and bottom and middle shelf, then I purchased a thin sheet of plywood for the back, fastened it together and then drilled holes so that the rest of the shelves are movable and bought some shelf clips from the hardware store to put the shelves on with.” Cost: under $30.

In this row, Susan, a customer, has dressed-up some plainer pieces of furniture with assorted tiles.

Panel with Tiles

Table of Tiles
This row: Some yard ornaments made with used items by Norm Lloyd. . The horse and carriage were made entirely from stuff from the REAL Deal Store.

Create a serving tray from a recessed cupboard door panel, by adding handles, and a wallpaper insert. Or paint it.

Nice picture frames can be repurposed by adding a mirror panel. Or, add some screening, tulle or mesh behind a frame to display fish hook earrings on (see left).