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Why Donate to the REAL Deal

2016-02-28 09.46.01Donating your used or excess building materials to REAL helps reduce the pressure on our landfills and reduces your disposal costs.

The materials donated to the REAL Deal help area residents to made inexpensive repairs and upgrades to their homes.

Using these materials makes good use of physical resources and is an environmentally responsible thing to do. 

Many of the building materials donated are used to build greenhouses, chicken coops any other small do-it-yourself projects.

Your support helps build community resilience and helps the local environment.

We will publish your business name  in our newsletter as a REAL supporter through your material donation.

 Acceptable Contractor Materials

We appreciate receiving or picking up (both by arrangement) a wide range of good or better quality reusable materials such as:

  •  real deal 2011 022Wood or laminate flooring (min. 60 square ft.)

  • Ceramic tile (min. 30 square feet)

  • Windows with good seals (excluding single pane)

  • Doors,  exterior or interior and interior wood trim

  • Bricks, patio slabs, pavers and landscaping material

  • Bathroom vanities, counter tops sinks (except old style composite sinks)

  • Upper and lower kitchen cabinets

  • Select (i.e. good quality) building materials such as: 2×6’s, vapour barrier, plywood, siding, etc.

  • real deal 2011 021Door and cabinetry hardware

  • Lighting

  • Kitchen and bathroom fixtures

  • Plumbing and electrical supplies

  • Fasteners.

Note: All materials must be usable and sellable.  We cannot accept defective, unusable, broken, mildewed or hazardous materials.  This is not a garbage disposal service.  REAL must  pay for garbage disposal like everyone else.

 How to Donate

2016-02-28 09.45.07If you have something that you believe someone else could make use of,  please contact  the Dan Cunningham, our REAL Deal Manager or phone: (613) 283 7999.  If you need an answer urgently outside of store hours use this address.

We will take a look at what you have to donate to ensure it is something that can be reused or repurposed.  Photos would be appreciated.