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The Construction

The area for the garden needed to be levelled. Enough area was graded to allow for more plots next year. (May 27) Area Levelled
Two elbow-shaped plots are staked (each to accommodate two plots) and the gravel delivered. (May 30)
The gravel is spread in the shape of the plots. An extra load was needed to ensure it t was 3-4″ thick. This was to eliminate any possibility of capillary action of dissolved materials upwards. (June 1) Landscape cloth was laid down next. (June 2) gravel spread
Some students stop by to help. (June 2) Some help
One hundred straw bales were delivered. These will form the walls of the raised beds. (June 2) straw bales delivered
The bales were secured with stakes and three lines of twine were tied around the outside to help stabilize the bales against the weight of the soil. (June 3) tying bales
Here you can see the landscape cloth than went down over the gravel.
Two truckloads of topsoil were needed to fill the two “elbows”. (June 3) soil delivery
So easy a child can do it! child
We decided the soil was so rich that we would skip the compost this year. So, here we are. We’re ready to plant! (June 3) Read to Plant

The Results

BBBS – June 30, 2010 SFDCY – June 30, 2010
LINK – June 30, 2010
REAL – June 30, 2010