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What is It?

The RAIN program is no longer active.  RAIN was a joint program of Green Communities Canada and its members. RAIN motivated action to reduce non-point source pollution entering Ontario’s lakes and rivers via storm sewers. REAL is offered presentations, workshops, displays and programs to show people how to be part of the solution. But you can take action right now to reduce pollution from stormwater.

permeable pavingREAL was able to suggest and introduce storm water management features when the Drummond North Elmsley Public Docks were installed in 2014 at Rideau Ferry. Through RAIN, two components were incorporated to keep storm water from flushing directly in to the Big Rideau Lake:  a river rock swale and a catchment system under the deck. Native species were planted  there as well.



Residents can help by learning how to Slow it Down,
Soak it Up and Keep it Clean.

Click below to link to more information from Green Communities Canada: Things You Can Do at Home
slow it down
soak it up
keep it clean

For more information on these actions, consult the RAIN website.

To read more about how the RAIN program came about, see REAL’s April 2012 newsletter.

REAL’s RAIN Activities

Rainwater Garden PlantingRainwater Garden Workshop, April 28, 2012. Participants helped build and plant a demonstration rainwater garden with Landscape Architect Chris Canning. Poo DigesterDog Owner Workshop, April 14, 2012. Participants learned how to prevent poo-lution with a dog waste digester, and how to protect your their dogs from road salt.Read news release.
deicePut Your Driveway on a Low Salt DietWorkshop, March 24, 2012. Residents learned how to keep themselves safe from icy surfaces but limit their use of salt. tree plantingTree planting workshop, September 24th, 2011. Session covered the benefits of urban trees, importance of native trees, how to plant and transplant.
yellow fishYellow Fish Project, August 23, 2011. Canada World Youth and Smiths Falls and District Club for Youth painted yellow fish by sewer entrances on Merrick St., and put yellow fish door hangers on residents’ front doors to remind them what not to allow to go into drains. Yeah poo digesterPrevent Poo-lution workshop, August 13, 2011. A make your own dog waste digester attracted many requests for instructions, including 250 copies of the instructions for the Town of Smiths Falls.

Resources (PDF documents)