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Our compost demonstration site was established in 2018, and is a work in progress.

The idea is to demonstrate a variety of composter styles, and allow people to view compost at various stages in the process.  We intend to offer some compost workshops to the uninitiated as well.

(Smiths Falls residents wishing to compost leaf and yard waste  can make use of the site on Hwy 43 May to November, Saturdays 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.   Check the town’s website.) 




The structure was moved into place in May 2018 thanks to North Country Sheds, who built the frame.  In the interests of good air flow we will not be adding siding, but we did add some lattice  on the William Street side to make it look more finished.  We embellished it with a used door and some old tools.  The half roof will help keep the compost from drying out.  There are four different composters within the shed and a crib composter on one end.  The other end has two wire enclosures to stockpile leaves for layering and other materials.





Our sincere thanks to Tom Foulkes for financially supporting this project.

Gardeners and board members have been contributing kitchen scraps and garden waste to the composters, and for now contributions of compostable materials will be by invitation only.