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enbridge circleHomeowner Incentives Available for up to $5000

You can get money back for doing  energy upgrades to your home.  For a limited time, additional electrical incentives are available as well.

To Qualify You Must:

  • own a detached or semi-detached house, mobile home (with permanent foundation) or row townhouse.
  • heat your home using natural gas, oil, propane, wood or electricity.

Here’s How to Get Started

ecoENERGY visitContact a Registered Energy Advisor (REA) for a home pre-audit.

Alan Leonard, who has over 13  years of experience in doing home energy assessments, can answer any questions you have about the process, and schedule your pre-audit. 

An energy audit is a comprehensive assessment of the energy performance of your home, and will include a detailed report that recommends the upgrades that will save the most energy.

       Email [email protected] or phone (613) 864-3099.
Successfully complete at least two qualifying upgrades.

Heating systems, insulation, water heaters, windows and doors, air source heat pumps and air sealing can qualify.

Complete a home post audit with the same Registered Energy Advisor.

The REA will submit your paperwork to Enbridge, who will mail your incentive cheque within 8-12 weeks.


home inspectionIncentive Opportunities Include:

  • Heating System (furnace or boiler):  Up to $1000
  • Upgraded Insulation:  Up to $1,750 per insulation.
  • Water Heater:  $500.
  • Windows/Doors:  approx. $80 per
  • Air Source Heat Pump:  $500
  • Air Sealing:  Up to $150.

Additional Electrical Incentives:

  • Air Source Heat Pump:  Up to $5,800 (for electrically heated homes only)
  • High Efficiency Furnaces with (ECM): $250
  • Central Air Conditioner:  $600
  • Appliances:  Up to $75 per

How Much Does it Cost?

Pre Audit:    $400 (no HST)
Post-Audit:  $200 (no HST)

Total:            $600

The audit costs are rebated when the upgrades are finished and the second audit is completed along with the incentive grants for at least two upgrades.

How Long Does this Program Continue?

The HEC program ends December 31, 2018. The first audit, at least two upgrades and second audit must be completed by that date.

To qualify for electrical incentives participants must complete the first audit by June 30, 2018 and the second audit by October 31, 2018.

About the Program

This program is brought to you by Enbridge, Save ON Energy, the Government of Ontario and REAL.

You can heat your house with propane, oil, wood, or electricity.  If you heat with natural gas, you must be an Enbridge customer.

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