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wilmaSaturday, April 22 to Sunday, May 7, 2017

Help create a cleaner, greener Smiths Falls!

Thank you to everyone who participated.  As promised, we did a draw from the report forms submitted.  The winners were:

First Prize:   A lovely Tim Horton’s gift basket went to Wilma Jordan
Second Prize:  A $10 REAL Deal gift certificate – The Mault Family “Don’t Lose It, Reuse It”
Third Prize:  A $10 REAL Deal gift certificate – Judy Snider

See a poster.

Outside of Town Limits?   Check with your municipality.  They may have bags as well, and may even accept filled Pitch-In bags with50th-Pitch-In-Canada-Weekout tags for this event. 

Photos?  If you have take any digital photos of you or your group cleaning up, and your human subjects don’t mind, please send them to us.

Information.  For more information, contact Cathryn at 283-9819,  the REAL Deal Store at 283-7999 or email us.

Where to clean up.  Various groups and schools have already agreed to do  certain locations.  They have to coordinate people to be at a place on a certain day, so please try to avoid these locations and choose another spot – there is lots of garbage to go around!  

Other groups have committed to:  school properties,  Victoria and Centennial Park, Lower Reach Park, parking lot near LCBO,  United Church Bell St. property, the area by Heritage House/Curling Club/ball diamonds off Old Sly’s Road.

Need some ideas?  Here is a list of potential Smiths Falls sites.

See some instructions and safety tips

Let us know how you did!  (use online form)

Print a Group Leader Report.



4 guys at Lower Reach boy and tire Bonita and bags
SFDCI 2009 having fun pi jasper road

Some 2013 photos are on REAL’s Facebook page.


Pitch-in Smiths Falls is a community wide litter cleanup coordinated by REAL. Public and highly visible sites, such as parks, and road allowances, are identified by REAL and groups or individuals assigned to clean that site. Garbage bags, other supplies and safety instructions are provided. REAL records the number of participants and the number of bags of recyclable and other garbage collected for comparison from year to year.

REAL is working with the Town of Smiths Falls and others to find other measures that will reduce our litter problem.

2017 will be the sixteenth year for this community wide effort, although REAL has participated in spring cleanups and encouraged other residents to do so since 1989 through Pitch-in Canada, a national organization founded in British Columbia.

See Pitch-In Canada site.