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The REAL Community Garden is ready to grow!  Community gardeners across Ontario were concerned that  community gardens would have to remain closed longer along with other recreational facilities, but after some lobbying, the province declared an exemption for community gardens on April 25.   Local health units were tasked with establishing guidelines for the gardens in their communities.  The Leeds,  Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit released their list on May 1.  The rules establish safe operating requirements to limit the possible transmission of COVID 19, including physical distancing, hand hygiene and sharing and cleaning of equipment. 

All twelve plots in the garden on the REAL Deal site were already allocated by March 5, which must mean we have a really keen bunch this year!  All gardeners have been made aware of the safety instructions.  Please note that these gardeners have rented the plots for their personal and exclusive use to plant, tend and harvest.  Please feast only with your eyes!

REAL Health Unit News Release