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Here’s how things stand with REAL events, (or non-events!) as of April 27:

  1. The REAL Deal Store is still closed, and will be until non-essential services are permitted to open.  We are working on some procedures to continue to keep everyone safe once we reopen.  Please hang on to your donations and e-waste until them.  We are checking messages at (613) 283-7999. 
  2. The Community Garden will be able to proceed but we await an official date, and will need to follow the recommendations of the Health Unit, so stay tuned. 
  3. Home Energy Audits are still suspended.  Contact Alan if you will need our “E” audit done:  (613) 864-3099 or would like to explore the concept. 
  4. Radon Meter lending is on hold for now.  Call Katie if you would like to borrow one when we get going again:  (613) 986-3360. 
  5. A Pitch In community effort is not happening, but we can help you get your hands on some bags if you want to go out solo or with other members of your household. 
  6. The Rain Barrel sale has been moved to June 13, so there is lots of time to get your orders in to rainbarrel.ca/realdeal/.  Barrels start at $55, and proceeds are going to our Monarch Garden. 
  7. We hope to hold a virtual Annual General Meeting on Wed. June 17 and will let you know as plans crystallize.
  8. The annual Evergreen Dedication is being postponed until the fall.

The REAL board, staff and volunteers are anxious to get back into the swing of things, and will let you know as soon as our programs can resume  safely.