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We regret to announce that effective March 31, 2021 the REAL Deal will no longer accept used coffee pods for recycling.  However, if you use a Keurig coffee machine, we would like to give you a resusable pod to try.

Coffee capsules, like those from Tassimo or Keurig machines, are a mix of materials, so cannot be put in your recycling as is.  Typically they include a plastic or foil cup, a foil lid, and coffee grounds which could be composted, if they weren’t such a challenge to remove.  Since May 2020, REAL was accepting the capsules through the Terracycle program.  We received thousands of pods, and this has become a greater expense than anticipated.  We will ensure that any pods received at the store by March 31, 2021 get shipped off to Elora, ON for recycling.

Because REAL is concerned about this unnecessary waste product,  REAL has ordered a limited number of reusable pods that we will distribute to customers free of charge, to demonstrate there is an alternative to the waste caused by commercially purchased pods.  Please inquire at the cash, as our supply arrived Feb. 24th.

Consumers have a choice.  As there is no easy way to recycle the pods, perhaps reconsider their use, and choose another way to get your coffee fix!