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January 2024:  The Greener Homes/ HER+ program is winding down ahead of schedule. 

The program will not be accepting initial energy audits after February 29, 2024.  This is to ensure that all current participants will be able to receive rebate incentives for the upgrades and renovations they are completing.

See a brief explanation from REAL.

See further explanation from Alan Leonard.

Send a comment letter to the federal government put together by Green Communities Canada.

The program requires an initial and final home energy audit, which can be arranged through REAL’s Registered Energy Advisor.  Our catchment area includes K7A, K7H, K7C and K0G postal codes.

Due to the high volume of calls, please read the Enbridge materials on the program before contacting Alan Leonard regarding an assessment.   Email Alan  (preferred) or phone (613) 864-3099.   

Details About the Program


Basic Requirements

  • Own a detached or semi-detached house, townhouse or rowhouse, mobile home (with permanent foundation), permanently moored floating home or mixed-use residential building (must be at least 50% residential.)
  • Complete home assessments with a Registered Energy Advisor (REA) before and after upgrades are made



Please note that in order to qualify:

  • Do not start or complete any energy efficiency upgrades on your home before you begin the process.
  • If you have a newer home, e.g 1990 or newer, your house is already more energy efficient and is not likely to qualify. 
Breakdown of Upgrade Incentives