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Garden Fundraiser May 27 – Rain Barrels and Native Plants

We are expanding our Rain Barrel Pickup day into a Garden Fundraiser!  If you come between 10 am and 2 pm we will have some other great garden additions to get you growing.  We’ll have a large selection of native plants from Natureaide in Winchester, as well as some seeds collected from REAL’s own 2022 monarch gardens.  Trinity United Church will be selling mushroom compost to benefit their projects.  REAL still has some Earth Machine Composters  for backyard composting.  Your $50 includes at $10 REAL Deal voucher.  

Rain Barrels. We recommend you preorder (and pay) for your rain barrel online at rainbarrel.ca/REALDeal by May 21.  Basic barrels are $65.  This is your chance to get other styles, colours or replacement parts directly from the company.  After May 27, we will have some basic grey and terracotta barrels for sale through the REAL Deal Store.  For more details, see our Rain Barrel page or contact Lauralee at (613) 283-3069 or [email protected].

What’s the Money For?  Proceeds support REAL’s monarch gardens on the REAL Deal site and at Town Square.  This year we will be adding a new garden over towards our Community Garden.