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Wondering if we will accept your kitchen stuff? We do get a lot of it, but people are always looking for it, so here are a few notes to guide you.

Pots and pans, baking tins, roasting pans, broiler pans – yes, sometimes they look pretty awful and you are not sure, pass it on to us anyway, we can always put them in scrap metal if they are unsellable. People are always looking for muffin tins and baking sheets. 

Pot and casserole lids – we keep some of these as they break or go missing 

Small plastic containers for leftovers, lunches etc. – if they don’t have matching lids, please just put them in the garbage as  we can’t use them or recycle them.  Possible exception is Tupperware brand as people are often looking to replace the lids or bases. 

Large plastic containers – people like pie-takers and cake-takers, and of course, some people find they take up too much room and get rid of them. But large rectangular containers (like you’d put muffins in for the freezer) do sell.

Chipped plates etc. – there is a good chance we will end up discarding those, as we get so many. Possible exceptions – if it is part of an otherwise complete set. We can include it with a set and the buyer can choose.

Chipped mugs or glassware – out they go! 

Mugs or glasses from businesses, clubs, or with a name or family photo – out they go to the free!  One exception:  glasses for beer or alcohol brands seem to go.

Corelle dishes – very popular, sets or individual pieces, as people are often looking to complete sets with patterns that aren’t in stores any more.

Cutlery – we get lots but we sell lots too. Forks and small spoons are in demand, but dinner knives we get far too many. But again, we can put them in scrap metal. Ditto for anything with a trace of rust on it.

Ice cube trays – strangely lots of them come and go, but if it is really beat up, best to throw it out.

Large kitchen utensils – we do get a lot, so if it is questionable in any way (scuffed plastic, bit of rust, stained or burned) we won’t be selling it.

Mason jars – very popular, they come and go quickly.  People use them for preserving, storing dry foods,  crafts etc.

Spice bottles and maple syrup bottles – yes they sell

Other small jars – we don’t usually sell them, but may put them on the free table as people do take them

Please note that even if we aren’t selling it, unless it is really awful, we will probably put it in the “free” box to give someone a chance to pick it up at no cost.  But please do not put it on the free table yourself, bring it to our attention.