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Corbett Park in Smiths Falls will be a hub of activity in 2024 with the planting of 300 trees and the creation of a mini forest in Smiths Falls.  The mini-forest will also be a great project to mark REAL’s 35th anniversary (like the butterfly garden was for our 30th anniversary!)

A mini forest — also known as a micro forest or tiny forest — is a community of native trees and shrubs planted tightly together in an urban or suburban site based on the Miyawaki method. The method emphasizes the use of dense plantings, diverse locally-native species collections, soil preparation, and multilayered design to mimic the complexity of a native forest.  This dense planting technique results in taller plants in a shorter time period. 

Mini forests provide a variety of ecosystem services that offer both environmental and social benefits. From reducing air pollution to increasing biodiversity, and providing necessary habitat for wildlife, these small plots can have a big impact on their local environments. They provide much-needed green spaces for people to enjoy, offering mental health benefits and improving air quality. Mini forests also help reduce runoff, prevent flooding and mitigate the urban heat island effect. 

The town is providing the land, and REAL the manpower to build our first mini forest.  We will be planting 300 trees in a 100 sq meter site at the north end of Corbett Park.

The site will be initially covered with mulch in the spring of 2024, and then the planting of the trees in will happen in the fall.

REAL wants to make this project a Community event.  The more help, the merrier, as we plant those 300 trees.  

Stay tuned for further information on dates and how you can help!

Here’s an interesting CBC article on Mini Forests: 



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