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Encouraged by the success of the Monarch Garden established in 2019 on the REAL Deal site, a second garden, a little closer to William Street, is being added.

The first load of soil was delivered in the fall of 2019 so the team could get an early start.  By early June of this year the garden had been shaped, and two trees and some plants added.  On June 10th the flagstone path was incorporated.  A few more perennials and annuals will be added before putting on some mulch.

The first garden is looking very healthy with minimal maintenance other than a little weeding and watering, as most of the perennials survived from the previous year. 

The demonstration Monarch Garden was planned as 30th anniversary project for REAL.  It will provide critical habitat for the monarch butterfly, as well has other butterflies and pollinators. 

Visitors are welcome to come have a look.  It is easiest to come when the store is open, Wednesday through Saturday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. so you can drive in to the site at 85 William St. W.  But there is room for a few cars to park outside the gate and walk the very short distance in when the REAL Deal Store is not open.