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REAL has a new mission statement!

At a November 2 Strategy session facilitated by Jeff Kohl, the REAL board  crafted a statement that more accurately and succinctly describes what the organization aims to do.

To educate, inspire and provide opportunities for people to protect, preserve and restore our environment.

This was an appropriate time to reassess as REAL has welcomed several new board members to the mix.  President Katie Hoffman came on board in June 2018 and Tony Cote, Mercedes Steedman and Gloria Pavey have joined the group in February, May and July respectively.  Existing board members are Peter Au, Barb Hicks, Donna McKenna, and Karen Schecter.  A revision of REAL’s bylaw in March  2019 made it possible for the REAL board to have up to 12 directors.

The group will be re-examining its current slate of projects according to some screening also discussed that day, and deciding what it can realistically tackle in 2020 and beyond.