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April 22, 2019

Don’t forget REAL’s rain barrel fundraiser to support the Monarch Butterfly Garden we are planning on the REAL Deal site  in honour of REAL’s 30th anniversary .  Rain barrels are just $55, and are a great way to save water and benefit your plants. Order online by May 1 for May 11 pickup at the REAL Deal.

 Rain Barrel Basics.  Rain barrels are placed under a downspout to collect rainwater runoff from a roof and store it until it is needed.  This free source of water is great for your plants because it is free of fluoride and chlorine and the warmer temperature does not shock your plants like tap water does.  Most people use the water on their gardens, but other uses include washing pets, washing vehicles or filling ponds.  Using a rain barrel can reduce erosion near your home and reduce water going to storm sewers and water treatment.  If you are on a well, you will save electricity, wear and tear on your pump and reduce the chance of your well running dry by using a rain barrel. 

The Barrels are Recycled!  REAL is partnering with RainBarrel.ca for this sale.  RainBarrel.ca reclaims food grade barrels once used to transport fruits and vegetables and repurposes them as rain barrels. Partnering with various non-profit organizations, RainBarrel.ca helps stage truckload fundraisers in communities across Canada.

What you Get.  Each rain barrel includes a leaf and mosquito filter basket, an overflow adaptor, a spigot and an overflow hose.  Gardeners have their choice of blue, black, grey, sandstone or terracotta barrels, subject to availability.  Rain barrels are $55 each and can be pre-ordered and paid for online at RainBarrel.ca/realdeal/.  Some people order more than one and connect.  Pre-ordered rain barrels will be available for pickup on Saturday, May 11 at the REAL Deal Store, 85 William St. W., Smiths Falls from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Residents should order by May 1 to ensure REAL has a big enough order to be shipped for May 11. 

For more information, reply to this email or use  [email protected], or call Barb at (613) 283-9966.   Specific product questions should be directed to  [email protected].