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Sites Volunteers Have Committed to Doing – last upd. Apr 24, 2022

A number of groups and individuals have already committed to cleaning up a particular
site. If you are looking for a spot to clean up, please consider avoiding these ones.

  • • Around Library and Town Hall (that side of Beckwith St)
    • Cedar Road near Jasper Ave
    • Lot between Walmart and Scotiabank
  • corner of Abbott and Lombard
    • Percy Street, from the High School to Pearl Street along the wooded area
    • Beckwith St (Tim Hortons, Westminster)
    • Around LCBO
    • Hwy 29 from Van Horne to the cemetery
    • Jasper Ave across from Lower Reach Park along the stone wall and
    • Jasper Road from Old Sly to the RR track
    • Behind Chambers St Mall (Centre St), around Econo lodge and towards water,
    side of canal towards Lower Reach Park
  • Lower Reach Park
  • behind Giant Tiger
    • Dog park (Gleeson Park)
    • Area surrounding SFDCI and about a block down
    • Area surrounding Chimo School
    • Lower Reach Park
  • Jasper Road (Vincent to RR tracks)
    • Beech St. / Florence St blocks
    • Golf Club Road
  • Winnifred St. N.
  • Marsha Drive and dogwalk by water
  • Cataraqui Trail
  • Abbott St.
  • Smiths Falls Avenue
    • Centre St., River St. to Lower Reach
  • Ferrara from Andress YIG to start of Cataraqui Trail
  • near LCBO
  • Van Horne
    • Lombardy to Townline Road
  • Brown Road, Ford Road
  • Bay Road
    • Old Sly’s Road