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A fun time was had by visitors to and organizers of REAL’s booth at Rideau Paddlefest on Sat. June 1 at Lower Reach Park.  REAL was at the festival with a display on altenratives to plastics and a blender bike, and REAL volunteer,  Aira, was right beside us with her Ocean Bridge table. 

Our plastic display was to demonstrate some of the helpful products available to consumers who want to reduce their use of plastics in the home:  silicone bowl covers, mesh produce bags, reusable water bottles or coffee mugs, beeswax wraps, paper or stainless steel straws, tote bags and the list goes on.  Visitors were invited to put their name in for a draw on a basket of samples of these products.  Peggy Atkins was the lucky winner from the 26 names entered.

Ocean Bridge is a Canadian organization promoting ocean conservation.  The youth involved do service projects in their own communities and go on immersive expeditions planned to increase ocean health and ocean literacy.  Aira brought along her kayak made from plastic bottles, but declined to demonstrate it that day.

The blender bike was a big hit!  It was borrowed from the Rideau Lakes Public Library, Elgin Branch for the event.  People could choose from four smoothie  flavours.  The ingredients are added to a blender carafe which is placed on the front of the stationary bike.  Then the person pedals to blend the smoothie, and enjoys sampling the healthy treat.  The literature claims that making the smoothie burns 10 calories. We had 45 adults and 39 children either talk to us about the bike, or actually make a smoothie.

Thanks to volunteers Kathy and John Deutekom, Mia and Neil Rowlands and Iris Allard for their assistance, as well as to Katie Hoffman, Aira Sarmiento, Donna McKenna and Barb Hicks their planning, setup and takedown.  And thanks to the Paddelfest organizers for inviting us!