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The REAL Deal store has joined the Pet Friendly Smiths Falls program initiated by the Town of Smiths Falls this summer.  On the town’s website is a list and map of 22 various businesses that have agreed that pets are welcome on their premises.  (Note that in the case of restaurants, this applies to patios only).  A decal was provided to businesses participating as well as a supply of black bandanas to present to the first dogs coming in.  (Sorry, we have given all of ours out already!)  The REAL Deal has welcomed dogs for many years now, mostly because we did not want to have pets having to wait in hot cars in the summer while their owners shopped. 

The program includes a sample policy that suggests some specifications such as the pets must be vaccinated, well-behaved and on a leash, and the owners must clean up any pet waste accidents.  In the case of the REAL Deal, we do allow pets in arms or carriers also, we just can’t have pets moving about on their own causing tripping hazards or making other customers nervous.  While we are on the topic, if you walk your pet on our property or tie them to a tree while you shop, you are also responsible for scooping any poop that results!  And finally, the manager reserves the right to ask that any pet be removed from the premises if it becomes disruptive.