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April. 19, 2021. REAL intends to set up a small tool library that will offer low cost tool rentals to the public.  We have an initial start up set of tools we would like to have in our inventory to get started.  In the interests reuse, we would like to establish our pool through donations.   If you are decluttering or downsizing, maybe you have some gently used tools you would like to donate to this initiative.  We will be collecting over the spring and summer, and hope to start renting in the fall.

If you have something you would like to contribute, or would like to discuss, please contact Nancy and Bill, who would be happy to pick it up.

Nancy and Bill
(613) 800 1938

chop saws (mitre saws)

sliding chop saw

contractor saws (portable table)

reciprocating saw

circular saw

tile saw

jig saw


hand drills (corded)

hand drills (cordless)

drill bit sets

hammer drill

brad nailer

contractor stapler

multi tool

belt sanders

palm sanders

angle grinder



heavy duty extension cords

shop vacs