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REAL’s Rain Barrel Sale Frequently Asked Questions (Updated March 2023)

  1. Can I pick my barrel up another day? Yes, if you can’t make Sat. May 27, just let us know, we can hold it for you.  You will need to pick it up during REAL Deal Store hours, Wed. – Sat, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. after May 27.  The barrels are not arriving until the day or two before the sale, however, so you can’t pick it up before!

  2. Do you deliver?  No.  Some groups have chosen to do home delivery but REAL has not.  The barrels are easily transportable in a car. We will have mushroom compost, Earth Machine composters, and some native and perennial plants for sale also that day.  Come look at our REAL Deal Store while you’re here!

  3. Do I have to order all the parts to go with my rain barrel? No, the basic barrel comes with an overflow hose, screen, tap and t-connector.  You do not have to order those parts.

  4. Can I order a rain barrel after the sale? No.  REAL orders some extra plain barrels in to sell throughout the summer, but does not stock unusual colours or accessories.  However, we do have some extra taps, T-connectors and filter baskets ($5 each or $15 for a set) which you could purchase.  Please ask at the REAL Deal cash.

  5. Where could I get a different coloured barrel or accessory after your sale? Your best option would be to order through another community group in the area.  There are sales happening in  Ottawa, Kanata, Kemptville, Brockville etc.  after our sale date.  But you will have to pick it up on their sale day at their site.

  6. Why do so many items say sold out?  There are COVID-related supply chain issues.  However,  just because an item says “sold out” does not mean it will not become available before the order deadline. The order site will be updated along the way, so check again later.   The 1000 L rain tanks did not become available prior to our sale date the last two years, so don’t count on them becoming available. 

  7. What about the ugly ducklings?  The ugly duckling barrels are just $45, and are an inexpensive option if you aren’t particular about how your barrel looks.  They are completely functional.  They were very popular the last two years!  This year they will come in three colours:  grey, terracotta or black.  There is no official way for you to select the colour. However, you can enter your preference in the comments and we will try our best.

  8. Can I paint my rain barrel? Yes you can.  Prime it with Krylon Fusion paint, then paint with what you’ve got.  A clear topcoat will help it last.  Best to store it inside over winter.  

  9. How late will you accept orders? Best to order by Sunday, May 21, but we may be taking orders until the evening  of Wed. May 24.  Watch Facebook or contact us.  The company generally shuts the order site down when they begin to fill the truck, so if you can’t order from the site, it’s too late.

  10. I ordered a grey barrel, but now I see them, I like the terracotta barrel better. Can I have it instead? (or take grey instead of terracotta? ) Possibly, just ask.  But you cannot have any of the non grey or terracotta colours that were ordered for someone else.
  11. Why do I have to pay cash at pickup?  If you do not prepay when you order, you must bring cash on the pickup day.  This is a fundraiser for REAL’s monarch garden, so it is awkward to put payments through the REAL Deal cash.  Let us know if that is a problem and we can work something out.

Have more questions?  Check the Rainbarrel.ca FAQs, they have lots of answers to product specific questions.  If you have more questions about our particular sale, email [email protected] or [email protected], or phone Lauralee at (613) 283-3069.  You can also see if someone at the store can help you:  (613) 283-7999.