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Native plants are  plants that evolved and occur naturally in your own local area based on the climate and soil conditions that are unique to where you live.  There are many benefits to including native plants to your gardens.  

  • Native plants require less watering once established – they are used to living with the rainfall that is normal to your area.
  • Native plants are easier to maintain as they are already adapted to the local environment – they have developed their  own defences against disease and pests. This  results in less use of pesticides and less time managing the garden.
  • Native plants will attract more native butterflies and beneficial insects that depend on native plants for survival
  • Native plants provide food and shelter for wildlife.
  • Native plants are attractive and there are many varieties to choose from.

For more information about native plants you can watch this informative video on growing native plants with Sean James. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUAJaOb4nYA .

To source native plants check with your local nurseries and garden centres to see what they have to offer.   If you cannot find what you are looking for try out the following resources available in Ontario.

  • Ontario Native Plants. Online ordering opens March 1. Healthy plants and packaged well. No in person retail location.
  • Grow Wild! Native Plant Nursery, Landscaping and Biological Consulting in Omemee Ontario (NW of Peterborough). Will deliver only very large orders.
  • Natural Themes Native Plant Nursery – Frankfort, Ontario (north of Trenton)