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A new team within REAL called “Journey to Sustainability” is organizing a series of presentations for area residents that will inspire them to learn ways to reduce their environmental impact and move toward a more sustainable lifestyle.

It began with a “Towards Zero Waste” presentation in October 2019 with guest speakers Michelle Dunford, who practices a near zero-waste lifestyle, and Heather Mitchell-Adams, owner of Modern Thymes.  The group who planned the evening were already thinking of possibilities to provide additional information and resources on more specific topics, starting with meal planning. 


The “Meal Planning 101” presentation in November featured three guest speakers.   Norma Wrightly described how the organizers of Trinity Tuesdays manage to feed a fluctuating number of guests for less than $1 per person at their weekly community dinner.  Heather Mitchell-Adams described her method of family meal-planning that saves time, reduces waste and simplifies her busy life.   Rebekah Nitschmann,  a registered dietician with Rideau Community Health  Services,  explained Canada’s new Food Guide, the basics of a nutritious diet and how meal  planning can make meeting nutrition goals easier.

“Waste  Audit” in January 2020 provided ideas on how to reduce household waste. Tony Mack, Engineering Technologist with the Town of Perth, described their community compost program that has operated since 2008.  Cathie Green, Public Works Assistant with the Township of Drummond North Elmsley, explained what happens to our recyclables once they reach the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). Vanessa Bernicky, Environmental Coordinator for the Town of Smiths Falls, explained how to take an inventory of the waste created by your household and provided suggestions for reducing it. 

A number of events were cancelled as a result of COVID 19:  the groups participation in the North Grenville  Sustainability Fair and Market on April 19, an  Earth Day Potluck dinner on April 22, an  address by Bea Johnson, author of Zero-Waste Home,  on May 28 and other workshops. 

The “Well Preserved” workshop on September 30, 2020  described the basics of preserving local and seasonal produce.  Presenters were Judy Drummond, a judge for the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies , and Heather Mitchell-Adams, owner of Modern Thymes Health and Bulk Foods.  Some participants came to the Smiths Falls Legion in person, others connected via Zoom.  Here is a recording of the presentations. 




“Plastics in our Waterways” was a joint presentation of J2S and the Rideau Roundtable held March 10, 2021.  Jake Wilson, Riparian Restoration Specialist intern with the Roundtable, talked about why it is important to protect our waterways, the problem of plastics in our rivers and lakes,  and simple ways for everyone to help in their daily lives.  Jake also detailed the local Rideau River cleanup he organized for Waste Reduction week in October 2020.  A recording of the zoom presentation is available here.


The  J2S presentation “Naturalizing our Shorelines” on March 18, 2021 explained why naturalizing our shorelines is important, especially in terms of climate change.

A recording of the presentation is available.  Just contact us.



A March 31, 2021  presentation was directed at residents in the neighbourhood of several potential shoreline naturalization projects, as J2s and the Rideau Roundtable gathered feedback on the demonstration sites from the public.





The J2S Earth Day presentation  April 22 was on Regenerative Farming, a conservation and rehabilitation approach to food and farming systems.  Thanks to OACETT, The Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists, for sponsoring. Three speakers  participated:  Carlos Alvarado,   Myra Van Die and  Doug Savage.  A link to the 75 minute presentation is available here, using the passcode ?c8%DJxM.  A Cogeco Youtube version will be available shortly.

See this story by Tom Van Dusen in the Nation Valley News on feeding seaweed to cattle, triggered by the presentation. 


The  June 9th  presentation will be on creating a monarch butterfly garden, presented by members of REAL’s Monarch Team:  Donna McKenna, Marje Fletcher and Aira Sarmiento.   Hear about how the gardens on the REAL Deal site came to be, monarch butterflies and why they need protection, and some of the specific plants that were used to attract butterflies.

If you would like to participate or know more about the Sustainability Team, please contact Peter at peter00au@gmail.com  or (613) 284-8338 .

Please join the discussion through the Facebook Group “Journey to Sustainable Living” that is intended to engage those living in Smiths Falls, Perth, Rideau Lakes and surrounding areas. 





Town of Perth Composting Program, Tony Mack, Town of Perth (PDF of slide presentation)

Recycling, Cathie Green, Drummond North Elmsley (PDF of slide presentation)

Waste Audit, Vanessa Bernicky, Town of Smiths Falls (PDF of slide presentation)

Well Preserved Workshop, Judy Drummond and Heather Mitchell Adams (YouTube)


Videos of January 2020 “Waste Audit” Presentation:

Introduction by Smiths Falls CAO and MC Malcolm Morris  and the Composting and Recycling presentations:

Vanessa Bernicky, Town of Smiths Falls, presentation:

Questions and Answers:

One last question and conclusion: