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We appreciate your donations of gently used goods year round, but especially this time of year when donations and sales can be a little slower.

If you are decluttering or  downsizing, please think of REAL when you are ready to unload. It may be just what someone else is looking for.   We are now open four days a week until 5 p.m. , so the extended hours should make it easy.  We accept a wide variety of household goods and reno materials, many that you will find a hard time giving to another charity. One of our main goals is to reduce waste, so unlike other charities, the garbage bin is a very last resort.  We also do not have a set time limit for an item to move.  If it looks sellable, we can be very patient.  If eventually we can’t sell it, we are happy to give it away to someone who can use it.  In addition to end-of-life electronics, we accept a few “unsellable” things for recycling:  print cartridges, batteries, old mercury thermostats, milk bags and used pens.  So you can accomplish many decluttering tasks at one stop!

Some things that folks are asking for these days are wooden bookcases,  vanities, power tools, winter sporting goods and chairs. 

Check our website to see what we do and don’t accept, or feel free ask in person or to call (613) 283-7999 to find out for sure.  Small donations can be brought through the customer doors to the person on the cash, but if you have a large load, please proceed to the back to the opening in the fence in front of our green dome.  There are usually two staff out there to assist you.