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Here is a quick rundown on what we did in previous anniversary years.

10th Anniversary (1999):

  • REAL produced a special 10th anniversary supplement to the newsletter.









15th Anniversary (2004)                                                                                                                  

  • Planted an oak tree on Evergreen Avenue.
  • REAL provided a letter and photos to go in the time capsule buried at the site of the (then) new high school in September.




20th Anniversary (2009)

  • Special banner on newsletter “Celebrating 20 Years of Environmental Achievement”
  • Same banner on website
  • Wine and cheese media event in spring at Rideau Canal Museum
  • Birthday cake and musical presentation at park during Chocolate and RR Festival
  • First local foods dinner Oct. at Lombardy Hall, catered by Kieth Drummond
  • Coincidentally that year REAL made the list of top ten finalists for Earth Day Canada’ Hometown Heroes award
  • .25 cent fall yard sale at REAL Deal store
  • Stone placed on Evergreen Avenue with inscription “REAL 20 Years 2009”

25th Anniversary (2014)

  • Special newsletter banner “25 Years of Environmental Action”
  • Used same catchphrase  on website banner
  • First set of 10 $250 REAL Action Grants
  • Promotional video by Arranel Studios
  • free screening of “Watermark” documentary



30th Anniversary (2019)

  • A monarch butterfly garden was planted in front of the REAL Deal in honour of our 30th anniversary.  It was a great success so a second phase was added in 2020.  The forms for Phase 3 were built in 2023, and should be planted in 2024.  This garden will focus on native and medical plants.  Read more.
  • Tree Planting at Local Schools.  REAL’s 2019 plans included planting 30 substantial-sized trees.  After various false starts we did just that in June 2023.  Five trees were planted at each of six local schools:  Duncan J. Schoular, Chimo, Lombardy, Montague, SFDCI and St. Francis.  Read newsletter story. 

35th Anniversary (2024)

  • A team is busily planning a mini-forest for Corbett Park.  Various  layers of materials will be laid down in the spring  to prepare a base, and plants will be added in a fall planting.  Read more.