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Give Bees a Chance

The February 2015 version of our newsletter, REAL Update, is available here. Neonicotinoids, safe de-icing, Kill a Watt Meters are a few of the stories.

Keep the back page handy to remind you of some of the waste materials we accept in addition to the materials we resell in the store.

See our 2014 Annual Report.

Pitch In Smiths Falls
April 18 - May 2, 2015

Volunteer to clean up a site any time during that two weeks. REAL is supplying bags and coordinating locations.

Prizes for the most amusing and most unusual finds!

Contact Cathryn at 283-9819 or the store at 283-7999 for more.

REAL Deal sign

REAL Deal Reuse Store
85 William St. W., Smiths Falls
Open Thurs, Fri and Sat. 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

We truly appreciate donations of gently used items, but please do not leave your donations when we are closed. Check out the REAL Deal Store Facebook page.

Shorewood logo

Shorewood Packaging has generously donated 1600 kilograms worth of office supplies and other items to the REAL Deal Reuse Store, including: File folders, hole punchers, binders, clip board, tools, cork boards and much more, which are available for sale now.

The company also donated a large quantity of their used electronic waste to the REAL Deal’s e-waste collection depot,

REAL wants to extend its thanks to the remaining Shorewood staff for thinking of the REAL Deal as they prepare for their final closure.


Also in the Shorewood donation was a large quantity of

Three Ring Binders

These are free to anyone who can use them. But we would especially like to get them to a non-profit organization that can use a large quantity for their own operations, giving a course, for students etc. Please ask as there are so many they are not on the shelves!

REAL Reuse Centre

REAL's 25th Anniversary Activities. Yep, we've been around since 1989!

  • Thanks to Roger and Liane Sands at Arranel Studios for producing our very first video. REAL's 25th Video.
  • A free screening of the documentary "Watermark" at the Station Theatre October 30.
  • Nine community groups received $250 REAL Action Grants to make a REAL difference in their neighbourhood. See a list of the winners.
volunteer icon

Volunteers Needed!

We could use your help at the REAL Deal Store or for other REAL activities.

Contact our new volunteer Volunteer Coordinator, Leann Merriman at 205-0818 to find out more.

Save a step and complete our volunteer application form so we can suggest a position that's right for you.

Home Energy Visit

Home Energy Audit Services

REAL offers energy audit services that will give you a better understanding of your home. A blower door test or thermography reading will help you determine energy-saving solutions that will genuinely benefit you.

For more details contact REAL (613) 283-9500 or Sue.

Read some other solutions to high home heating bills.

Switch the Stat Logo

Switch the Stat!

If you are switching to a newer, more energy-efficient programmable thermostat for your home, be careful how you dispose of the old one. Old thermostats contain mercury, a potent neurotoxin.

Bring your mercury-containing thermostat to the REAL Deal for collection. A recycling facility will dismantle it and prevent the mercury from contaminating the environment.



Electronics Recycling at the REAL Deal

REAL Deal is now an official Ontario Electronics Stewardship (OES) collection site for electronics waste.

Only certain items are accepted so please consult the list carefully. No "white goods", appliances containing freon, or miscellaneous electric appliances will be taken. What is accepted.

Materials accepted during store hours only. Find out more.

e-waste graphic

Have E-Waste, Can't Get to the REAL Deal?

Electronics are accepted for recycling at several authorized Ontario depots. Search by postal code at Various neighbouring municipalities also provide collection services, e.g. Tay, Rideau Lakes and Drummond North Elmsley, and may require proof of residency.

YAK in Perth also accepts e-waste.

Take it Back

Rideau Mississippi Take It Back 

Keeping it out of landfill. Find businesses and organizations in the Rideau Mississippi region that Take Back used materials for reuse, recycling or proper disposal. Art, batteries, electronics, eyeglasses, medical equipment, musical instruments, pet medications, toiletries, toys and more.

Supported by the municipalities of North Grenville, Mississippi Mills, Perth, and Smiths Falls. Let us know about other businesses that should be on the list.

Available for borrowing through Perth, Almonte, Smiths Falls or South Elmsley Public Libraries or at the REAL Deal. NEW! The Pakenham, Carleton Place and Elizabethtown-Kitley libraries will be getting meters soon as well.

Wondering what you can do about your high electricity bill? The Kill a Watt meter is a handy device to monitor the energy consumption of some of your electrical appliances. Call 613-283-9500.

Are you on dialup? Tips from the Ontario Trillium Foundation on how to improve the dialup performance of your computer.


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