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During the weeks September 10 to 23, Andress Your Independent Grocer cashiers will be asking customers if they would like to donate a twoonie to their local environmental organization, REAL. When they ask you, please say yes!. Your donation makes it possible for REAL to continue its environmental projects to reduce waste, protect water and promote clean, efficient use of energy in this community. 

As a local organization, REAL provides many benefits to the community.   We contribute to the local economy with our purchases and by providing short term employment.  We offer work placements and volunteer opportunities.  We have innovative programs which give people hands on real world opportunities to participate in environmental protection.  And our small non profit provides a strong environmental voice for residents and increases environmental awareness. Your small donation will help ensure these activities continue.

This will be the seventh year that Dan Andress has supported REAL by making this in-store fundraiser possible.  When you agree to donate, please sign the slip to show you  support your local environmental organization.  It will be displayed in the window to encourage others to contribute as well.