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Winter is winding down, but there are still some weeks of slippery conditions ahead of us.  If you’ve been looking for an alternative to salt for slippery ice, try some of the EcoIceGrip now available at the REAL Deal Store.

EcoIceGrip is soft wood chips treated with magnesium chloride that are great for providing traction on ice.  Unlike salt, the wood chips are not corrosive or damaging to property,  will not harm pets, and do not damage water quality.    You won’t need much, as the chips accumulate over the season, floating up through melted water and relocking in the ice as it refreezes.  The chips are easy to spread by hand, scoop or conventional spreaders.  EcoIceGrip chips are biodegradable, so at the end of the season, it is easy to clean up.  Just sweep or rake it up and use it as mulch on your garden.  A 20 L bag is light to handle and covers over 60 square meters.   Twenty L bags cost 19.75 plus tax (so $22.32).  We also have 5 L sample bag for $4.99 plus tax (or $5.64.), which should see you through the rest of this winter.   REAL has  been using it on walkways near the building this winter and last.  You may have seen it in the store the winter of 2020 just before the shutdown. The packaging has changed but it is the same product.  Give it a try before spring comes!