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EcoIceGrip  is once again available at  the REAL Deal Store.  When applied to packed snow and ice, it is an effective environmentally friendly alternative to salt.   And it is locally made!  Staff have used it at the store with great results.

There has been increasing concern about the effects of road salt on the environment.  As salt dissolves, the chloride enters waterways through leaching and runoff.  Eventually the concentrations become toxic to aquatic plant and animal life, and affect drinking water quality.  Many jurisdictions are searching for inexpensive, effective alternatives to salt.  You can help by using alternatives to salt, such as EcoIceGrip on your own property.

EcoIceGrip is sold by the bag and looks somewhat like brown woodchips. The chips are very light and can be spread by hand or spreader.  They provide good  traction for pedestrians and is also safe for pet paws.  A 20 L bag weighs just 7 kg so is easy to handle. 

Their promotional materials say:  “EcoIceGrip’s  traction chips are abundant and renewable.  Low in salt, they are pH neutral, noncorrosive to metal and concrete, carpets, flooring , footwear or clothing”.  And unlike salt, it will not contaminate surface or groundwater.  EcoIce  is cheaper than road salt, sand or gravel because there is less need for multiple applications.  One application can be effective for up to six days at temperatures down to -37°C. At winter’s end, the chips can be left to biodegrade, or gathered and used for compost, or mulch, or burned in furnaces. 

The REAL Deal will be selling 20 L bags of the product for $9.99 plus tax.  The product will be in the yard, but please remember all payments must be made inside the store at the cash.