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Is your SEER high enough?  How about the HSPF of your system?  What COP isn’t about law enforcement?  It is all about efficiency of home heating and cooling systems.

On Tuesday, December 5th, Cindy Dopson, of Thake Home Comfort Centre,  gave an overview on various heat pump systems during a Zoom presentation for the J2S committee of REAL.

Cindy is a lifelong resident of the Westport area.  She and her husband, Chris, took over the family business in 1995 and expanded into the heating and cooling industry, concentrating on promoting the newest technology for heating and cooling.

Cindy’s presentation gave an overview of air to air heat pumps working with forced air systems, ductless heat pumps and zone heating and cooling, geothermal systems: the difference between vertical and horizontal, and air to water heat pumps which involve water pumped through the house through radiators that both heat and cool.

Cindy also looked at expectations for and some of the complications of these systems.  Some questions to ask:  What costs are reduced, what new costs may occur?  What needs to be maintained?  What questions should be asked?

Contractors, warranties, and maintenance all need to be considered.  There is a lot to think about and Cindy provided an excellent overview.  As one attendee commented, “A very honest presentation.”

Find out more! Find the recorded session on the Journey to Sustainability Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/379499592936481.  It is an excellent and succinct primer for starting your exploration of heat pump possibilities and options.  Cindy can be contacted at thakehomecomfort.com

Submitted by Bill MacLean
J2S Committee Member