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We were delighted that this year’s online auction collected $3389.50 in bids, exceeding our goal by 67%.   In fact, we had reached $2023 after only three days.  There was some very intense bidding going on in the last hour which increased the total, but unfortunately only one person can be the top bidder on an item! We had 153 people sign up to bid on the 155 items, and in the end, 67 people won had the top bids (some people got multiple items.)

Between November 15 and 25 participants had the chance to bid on some great items to help support the work of REAL.  Most of the items were gently used treasures that had been donated to the REAL Deal store throughout the year and set aside for this auction. But we also had some great contributions from the community, including a getaway package to the Hotel Rideau which includes breakfast at C’est Tout, donated by Mike Shelley.  We sincerely appreciate  the many contributions made.

The items that got the most bids included a bread making collection, a milk glass pitcher, a friar tuck table set, a milk glass pitcher, a set of vintage pyrex bowls, a Bolga basket with yarn, and a Kenmore serger.  These last two items along with the Hotel Rideau package were the biggest money makers.   You can still log on to 32auctions.com/ REAL2023 to see what the various items raised if you are curious.

Sponsorships are an important part of our fundraising, and those $50, $100, $150 or $250 donations will take the total auction proceeds even further.  Sponsorship money is still trickling in, so a full list will be provided later. But a big thank you to those community members and organizations who have already responded. 

Thanks everyone for your tremendous support.  This was our big fundraiser for the year, and it will go a long way to supporting our many projects and administrative expenses.

Thanks to Donna McKenna for preparing all the items for the auction. We already have some interesting items set aside for next year’s auction.

Silent Auction Donors 2023

Jan Turner
Dave Thornley
Gloria Pavey
Brenda King
Karen Schecter

Nancy McFadyen
Mike Shelley, Hotel Rideau
Bev Frizzel
Marina Quattrocchi
Michele’s Doorway to Splendor

Gwenda Kinch
Trinity United Church
Marje Fletcher
Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario
Rideau Valley Conservation Authority

Smiths Falls Station Theatre
Donna McKenna
Lauralee Merkley
Marian Forster