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The Shoreline Planting Project at Turtle Island, Smiths Falls was accomplished by some enthusiastic volunteers Sunday, May 29.    On site were representatives from Trees Canada and the RVCA, as well as volunteers from REAL, the Smiths Falls Horticultural Society, and the community.  In all about 200 native shrubs and 30 native trees were planted along the waterway.  Tree species included white pine, eastern white cedar, burr oak and larch.  Seven shrub species were included:  grey dogwood, ninebark, fragrant sumac, red osier dogwood, highbush cranberry, purple flowering raspberry and northern bush honeysuckle.  Four benches will be added to the site later, as well as signage indicating the benefits of shoreline planting. 

This collaborative project, spearheaded by the Rideau Roundtable,  involved Tree Canada, the Town of Smiths Falls, RVCA, the Smiths Falls Horticultural Society , Cogeco YourTV  and REAL.